Who tinkers YouTube Video from Mobile Makin Easy

Diposting oleh Budi wahyono on Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

Harga Samsung Galaxy S5 - YouTube managed to prove its services work well in mobile applications. The service users can more easily edit and upload videos directly from the smartphone.

Do not stop there, this video sharing service expands funding options for video makers. Instead of advertising funding models, this option allows fans to donate small for video makers directly.

Quoted from Cellular-news, on Tuesday (27/05/2014), Google's service also works based on crowd-based methods that allow the viewer to add subtitle video for a variety of languages​​.

Google itself does have translation services, but more predominantly text-based format. So the audio-based translation needs to be improved.

Harga Baru - The Internet giant added, the addition of these features will continue to be developed, among others, include management of new comments, how video makers to share revenue from the video cover song cover song videos, and feature Academy Creator.